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By what means we transport the load?

Selentrega. parcel shipments carried by air.
Are we packing service?

     The service package is made by the staff of Selentrega. and are applicable at the time of packet reception in the presence of the client.

What things NOT transported and prohibitions exist?

It is prohibited the sending of packages or objects whose contents are contrary to law, morals or decency (fresh or dried linked to Law 1008 of substances food, medicines, liquids, combustible, flammable, contraband of any nature and all related and controlled), illicit trafficking, incurring the customer and taking charge of the corresponding responsibilities, so it makes clear that Selentrega, disclaims any responsibility or bond for all violations noted. Also, makes clear that Selentrega not responsible for parcels whatever their denomination, and are seized both national and international territory, which the competent authority are classified as contraband.

Selentrega. is not responsible for those parcels, bags, envelopes, packages, bags, boxes and other containing articles or goods, whatever their nature origin or purpose, established and included in these laws and regulations in the country of origin and destination, so which makes clear that it is the sole responsibility of the customer (sender and receiver). Also, Selentrega is not responsible for seizures of pictures, paintings, coins and other considered as a national cultural heritage, both origin and destination, why is the sole responsibility of the customer any forfeiture, fine or infringement by sending these goods cultural and heritage.

How I can track my order or shipment?

Esto lo puede hacer con el número o guía asignada al cliente, ingresando a nuestra pagina Web y el Sistema en línea, o bien llamando a nuestro departamento de Atención al Cliente 647-287-5840

How I can get a quote for a shipment?

This can be done with the number assigned to the client or guidance, accessing our website and online system or by calling our Customer Service Department 647-287-5840

What is the deadline for claims regarding loss, damage or merchandise or diminished response times?

Selentrega., Monitoring according to the packet arrival, the client has the power to do when you need any information comunicares Customer Service department at 647-287-5840

What destination covers Selentrega?

Selentrega provides optimal service quality to any city of the Republic of Colombia. We are working to make this service be extended to more countries in Latin America.

¿Is it possible to know where my shipment?

Now with our website, all international shipments will be available when the customer needs it.

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